this side up.


Thanks Huiyi for letting us get to know you and your work!  We love what you do!

Follow Huiyi on Twitter and Facebook and pop by her Cargoh store and say hi!

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Sofia - Sustainabily Grown Oregon Bangle

Clara - Reclaimed Timber Pendant

Nyla - Reclaimed Timber Pendant

Wolfgang - Sustainabily Grown Oregon Bangle

You can find Joe, the man in the very small workshop, aka TreeHorn Design in the lovely land of Victoria Australia.  These...

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Thanks for creating a little happiness to everyone that comes across your work!  We think you are awesome!!!! Stop by Christen's Cargoh store to see more of her great prints and new jewelry line, and send her some virtual love on Twitter!

xoxo, The Cargoh Team

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Thanks so much for taking the time out to share the magic of Mr. Lentz.  Oh and for making us drool over your amazingly sexy jewelry and bike accessory line!  We love it!

Check out more of Mr. Lentz designs on his website and blog.  Be a fan on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.  And you are always welcome to stop by his Cargoh store.

See you next week!



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Wood, Moss and Metal Necklace


Wood and Rabbit Fur Ring


Natural Wood Planter Necklace


Natural Wood and Moss Necklace



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Billy Would was brought to life in 2007 by Adea Chung.  She creates unique jewelry from recycled and reclaimed hardwood, accented with sterling silver in her workshop...

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We're on Cloud Nine for Cloud and Lolly.  This sister duo creates beautifully handcrafted accessories.  I mean really, how cute are the wooden deer and key?







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Our Featured Seller Today is Jennifer of Nostalgic Links. We're totally in love with her witty charm that makes these one of kind cufflinks so awesome.  The perfect gift for that perfect person.  She also does custom orders so if you have something special in mind, just ask her!





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Happy Black Friday everyone! Today's Feature is AllDeckdout, let's get the questions rolling...


#FF How did All Deck'd out come to be?

How we came to be was that we were doing some home reno projects and we bought a hole saw kit. Dan being an artist thought it would be a cool idea to make some rings out of one of his old skateboards. So from there we started making jewellery and accessories.

#FF Where did you guys meet?

Dan was one of my brother’s friends. One day we started talking and started hanging out more. He won me over with his humour and I won him over by throwing NHL Oreos at him.

#FF What do you do to refresh your brain after a long day of work?

What we do to refresh our brains is take our little doggie for a walk. It gives all of us some exercise and time to talk about new ideas.

#FF What is the process behind the selection of your materials?

We go to the local skate shops and indoor...

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