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There is no other way to close off the week than sitting back and enjoying a brand new Friday Feature with Cargoh. To make it even better, we selected one of our favourite stores, Byrd & Belle. Cue Angie Davis, creator, heart and mind of Byrd & Belle:

#FF: Hey Angie, it's great to have you here. To get started, tell us a bit about how Byrd & Belle came to life?

Angie: It was sort of a surprise. I had been laid off from my job in architecture and I started sewing if for no other reason than I needed something to do. Selling my stuff really just made it possible for me to justify buying more materials and doing it again. A couple months in, I realized that this was a real thing and it was way more satisfying than that potential architecture job I was looking for so I left that idea behind and haven't looked back.

#FF: What made you choose the material/fabric used in your pieces?

Angie: I had been sewing macbook sleeves with more...

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In our everlasting search for cool design, we are constantly amazed at how our search, more often that not, brings us back to our home town of Vancouver. Not to toot our own horns here, but this city really seems to be coming into it's own lately when it comes to art + design + DIY culture. 

Our latest search brought us to this masterpiece. A black walnut keyboard tray designed to hold all your wireless Apple accessories. Completely sustainable, these trays are made from North American harvested hardwoods, water-based glue and a food safe oil to bring out the shine!

Check out more at Combine Collective. And needless to say, if you guys ever wanted to join our creative community, you would be more than welcome!

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