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Oct 13

Cargoh Sellers 01 - Spammers 00!

by thecargohteam  | 9 comments

Forums stay! Thanks for all the feedback on the topic of whether or not to keep the forums. We have changed them a little bit to avoid all the spam that we were getting. Effing spammers!!

So the deal is, only approved sellers will be abe to post in the forums from now on. It will continue to be a great place for sellers to help other sellers, and to discuss topics relating to selling, owning a Cargoh store, or whether to grab a beer after work. 

The Cargoh staff will be checking in on the forums from time to time, but we will not be super active here. If anyone has immediate concerns, questions that need answering, or just want to say hi, email us at [email protected] or share some love on Twitter or Facebook. We are always happy to help out!

So take that spammers! 

And thanks again for all the feedback. We love that we can throw questions out to guys and you answer. After all, you guys know what you want better than we do, right! So keep the feedback coming!


The Cargoh Team!

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