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Oct 27


by Morgan  | 1 comment

I think it's okay for me to call it diorama.   I mean, it's 3-D, and it tells a story, and I mean it in a completely good way.   I mean, seriously ~ check out what Portland's Meredith Dittmar is doing with clay (and assorted other things, but usually a lot of clay): that freaking amazeballs or what?  {I think it's okay for me to call it "amazeballs" ~ it describes it perfectly, and I mean it in the best way.}

I don't know what it is about these amalgamations of nature and machine, but they grab hold of me, keep me captive, and tell me a haunting tale I can't get out of my head for days.   Again, totally in a good way.

With a background in digital art and science, Meredith's pieces are like no other ~ a visual exploration of the space where energy~plant~animal~human collide, for the aritst, and her viewer.   It's like if Salvador Dali reinterpreted It's A Small World.  Again, TOTALLY IN A GOOD WAY.

For more of what Meredith can do, check out her website ~

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