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Jul 25

Mr. Lentz

by thecargohteam  | Comment

Wood, Moss and Metal Necklace


Wood and Rabbit Fur Ring


Natural Wood Planter Necklace


Natural Wood and Moss Necklace


Wood and Turkey Quill Ring


Wood and Moss Tree Necklace


Mr. Lentz blows us away with his all natural jewelry design.  A man of the outdoors in Boulder Colorado, Mr. Lentz also fancies in photography, woodworking, rabbit breeding, surfing and is a pilot.  Impressed?  We are!  Go and see more of his work on his website and blog, (which is beautifully photographed, of course). You have to check out his Wearnature Beast Series...definitely something the modern day cave man/women would sport, seriously.  Also I'm so hoping he puts some of these wall hanging beauties in his Cargoh store.  Follow this amazing artist on Twitter and Facebook for updates on his latest creations.  Thanks Mr. Lentz, we love you!

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