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Oct 18

Oh Banana's

by thecargohteam  | Comment

Yeonju Sung is an amazing fine art photographer that lives and works in Seoul, but her works are shown all over the world.  In this exhibition called "Wearable Foods" outfits are created out of none other than your daily fruits and veggies and then photographed beautifully.

A few words from her artist statement:

"My works, as an image between reality and non-reality, are talking about things that are unsubstantial and things that have been losing its essence.  also, they are, as food, empty and useless images since they are just borrowing the forms of clothes as a hollow shell that is not able to last forever.  Photography has a power to make us believe."

You go Yeonju, we think you are pretty awesome!!!  

(Discovered via @featureshoot)

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