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Jul 20

For the people. By the people. A community photo project for kids of all ages!

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All you photographers out there......listen up! Our good friends over at "This is East Van" are changing the game with their new community photography project. "This is East Van" is a community photo project that aims to collect photos from local photographers and compile them in a self published book that captures what's happening in the most vibrant corner of Vancouver right now! THIS IS EAST VAN BITCHES!!


We had a chance to catch up with Erin and Jason, and ask them a few questions about their newest hustle!

Cargoh: So, tell us a little bit about your project?

Erin:  (After a little deliberation about who is going to answer the first question..)"This is East Van" is a community photo project that Jason and I put out into the world using social media tools like twitter and facebook almost 3 weeks ago. We are asking local photographers to submit photos of East Van and what East Van means to them. Submissions are open to anyone and can be of anything. Just get them in by August 15th!

{photo credit: Michael JP Hall}

Cargoh: How did you guys come up with this idea for "This is East Van"?

Erin: Jason and I are both film industry kids and we have known each other for a long time. We started talking about putting together a self published book of our own photos and as we started talking about it, we realized that a few of our friends might like to be involved as well. But it wasn't really until we started to involve the community in general that we really started to get excited and inspired to really make it happen.

Cargoh: What's you favorite part of doing a project like this?

Jason: Photography has been a love of mine since I can remember, and for me, the best part about doing something like this is providing the avenue for people of all ages, backgrounds, races, religions and social statuses to express themselves through photography and report back their unique view of the neighborhood they call home!

Erin: The one thing I have learned from being in the film business for as long as I have, is the importance of collaboration. No matter how big or small the film, without a team in place, films wouldn't get made. This project functions the same way. We rely on the community around us to help us make this happen and the support has been overwhelming!


Cargoh: The press has been good to you guys, right?

Erin: Yeah for sure! We have been very fortunate to have gotten a bunch of great write ups in local blogs and in the local news. Vancouver lifestyle blog "Beyond Robson" were very kind to feature the project a couple weeks ago, and we have an interview with CBC ONE's show "On the coast" airing today July 21st @ 5:20pm. (You can tune in on 88.1FM in Van or catch it online here)

Cargoh: Are you guys working with any other companies we should know about?

Jason: Kodak has donated 20 disposal cameras for us to use as we please. We decided to approach a few community centers and Brittania was automatically receptive. They are going to integrate an actively centered around our project into their youth summer camp. Each child will be given a camera for the day to take photos of their actiities around the neighbourhood. The child will then be able to take the camera home and capture some of their at home life. We will then take the cameras back and process them. The printed photos will be used for our Mintage window display and will then be returned to the child when the window display is taken down. These photos will also be entered as submissions for our publication.

Erin: Yeah, what he said!

Cargoh: Super cool. When should we have our photos in for submission?

Erin: August 15th, 2010 - then the fun begins!!

It's so good to see people taking pride in the neighborhoods they belong to. We really hope this project is a huge success, and who knows, maybe it becomes a series of books featuring our community in all it's glory for years to come. We'll buy it! 



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