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Sep 28

Photography by Brooke Shaden

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I'm in love with Brooke Shaden's photography, and the images above are just a few of my favorties!  Each of her images tell a story, and a very intense and dramatic one at that.  A fine art photographer and storyteller by nature, she takes you into realms you never knew existed.  Brooke lives in LA with her husband and three cats.  She also holds workshops throughout the states if you want to learn more about her creative process.


"I want my imagery to move beyond the realm of photography and instead mimic
paintings and alternate styles of art. I am not in love with any particular medium of art as much
as I am in love with visually representing the stories I have in my mind. It is this painterly quality
that I emulate, such as the use of brush strokes over my photographs, that I think gives my work
a unique touch. There is a particular feeling to all of my photographs, one that touches on the
juxtaposition of the real yet surreal, a fantasy and a dream yet riddled with reality." (from Brooke's artist statement)



To see more of Brooke's work visit her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter @BrookShaden


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