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Sep 8

River Pictures

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Remember that time in your life when, as a kid, you'd find that beach, or part of the forest, or river that would inevitably become the home to some of your fondest memories. That magical place that will forever be linked to that "coming of age" summer where all you did was hang out with your friends, get into trouble, and stare at that one girl who's smile would take away any bit of coolness you ever thought you had.

Mine was a small forest called "Rushmere". It was on the outskirts of our townhouse complex in South Africa, where my friends and I would spend hours, days, weeks exploring the creek beds, climbing the trees, and cutting down bamboo to make awesome bow and arrows. Then there was the one day we were both rushed to hospital because we thought wearing all the clothes we owned and trying to get honey from a beehive was a good idea. 

Unlike me, photographer Ruben Cox, had the presence of mind to capture these places on film in an enchanting series called "River Pictures". The collection of photos clearly illustrates those days of summer where all you wanted was for the sun not to go down. One more moment. 

What started as casually documenting people while they enjoyed the river elements, grew over the course of three seasons during the late '90s into an intimate glimpse of the slow Southern summer for an intriguing photo essay. (via Cool Hunting)

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