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Mar 29

through the eye of Jonathan Dy

by thecargohteam  | Comment

Check out these newly released zines that are beautifully photographed and designed by Vancouver based photographer Jonathan Dy. 

"In this digital era, I am still attached to our tangible world."

Here's a video with the compilation of his work.

Zines from Jonathan Dy on Vimeo.

Pretty amazing stuff right? You can purchase these Zine's in his Cargoh store.

D's Plane $10

Eye on the Sound $10
Eye on the Ground $10
Freehand $10
Shots in the Dark $10

(or super sweet deal)

Pack of 5 Zines for $35

Wanna get in touch with JD for a project? Email him here, [email protected] and make sure to check out I Shoot in the Dark, Eye on the Ground and Pushed Paint!
You can also find him at the openings at Catalog Gallery documenting the event through stunning shots of people interacting in the space.

Here are a few of my favorties...

Check more of his work here!

The Word.