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Nov 3

Wearable Art

by Morgan  | 2 comments

No, like really.   Eunsuk Hur brings literal meaning to the phrase with her hyrbids of wall-art and wear-art, where the model essentially becomes part of her piece.   It's pretty amazing...from her materials to her installations, there's an ethereal, almost preternatural feeling to her work that is just freaking breathtaking.  In addition to her installed pieces ~ the PHD candidate (I know, right?) designs everything from interiors to outerwear creating visual experiences out of an eclectic mix of textile, leather, wood, and felt {to name a few.}  

A woman of many talents, she illustrates, she sews, and she utilizes laser-cutting...which is pretty badass.

And I really want this bag.

Incredible.   To see more, check out her site at

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