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This #FF is full of Creativity {pun totally intended}


Sarah from Creativity shares with us a few words about her life, science knowledge and relationship with the Queen of England:


Sarah, owner and designer of Creativity, has always been a creative spirit. As a young child Sarah’s mom considered her to be exceptionally talented at making messes. From ripping up and re-designing thrift store clothes to making her own paper, it was obvious that Sarah was destined to be a designer. Her love and passion for design lead her to Montana State University, where she received her Masters of Architecture. A self-proclaimed professional "card hunter," she realized that cards needed more wit and less fluff (perfect for the modern minimalist, like Sarah). So with her love of design and sharp tongue she emboldened and bastardized the sincere greeting card forever.

#FF How did creativity come to life?...
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I read this yesterday:

"The demands of day-to-day living are in constant conflict with the pursuit of passions. War is being waged on our time and our energy. We multitask. We prioritze. But we are losing the battle. More often than not, those aspects of our lives that we cherish, that define us as individuals, lost out to the demands of modern life." - our mission is to assist in the battle to pursue passions!

Pretty powerful stuff. Makes you think doesn't it. How many tomorrow's do we all really have left to do the things we really want. At cargoh, we encourage require people to indulge, if even for a moment, their inner child. It is the life blood of the soul! Seriously! Do one thing every day that makes that kid in you giggle uncontrollably!!

So, this morning, under the heavy smoke of the summer forest fires, I took my camera and walked around my neighborhood. I only took a few photos, and they are nothing short of average, but...

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