The Curator
Rue Amandine

My name is Amandine Dubessay.

Let me tell you a bit more about me, happy and proud founder of Rue Amandine:

A Parisian at heart
I was born in Paris 37 years ago (not so easy to find a Paris native in Paris!) and grew up in a milieu where French art de vivre is key.
I love Paris, where I have my habits but where I always keep room for surprise.
I'm the one friends and colleagues have always kept calling asking “Where could I take my parents for dinner?”, “What would you suggest for an anniversary?”, “It’s so sunny today, where can we have a brunch ?”, “Anything good being played ?”.

A “bon-vivant”:
I like going out to concerts, movies, exhibitions, partying or spending quiet times with family and friends by the fireplace or in a sunny park.
I love good food (and good wine!), either the homemade one or the one you can find in selected restaurants. I feel truly sorry when I see disoriented tourists sitting in a place that won’t offer good value for money.

A traveler :
I love traveling, discovering new parts, new cultures, new tastes, reaching new summits, and can’t wait until the next time when I will be able to go for a trip around the World (have to make Rue Amandine successful before!).
I can speak English and Spanish (and French of course) but would like so much to learn other languages.

But also a level headed that has this new dream :
After studying in HEC Management School and working for 11 years in big Advertising Agencies (10 years at TBWA), I left the top management position I had achieved, deciding that after working for brands to make them bigger, I wanted to work for people to make them happier.
Here I am with this ambitious project of making visitors experience Paris like only Parisian can.

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The Collection
A bit of everything!

All the product that remind me that life is not made with a style that should be adopted by everyone, but with a great and rich mix colors, textures, shapes and inspirations from all over the world... that makes it not only beautiful, elegant, stylish... but also really specific and personal.