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This has awesome written all over it! Art director and graphic designer Koji Iyama has started these installations across the Japan's countryside promoting masking tape and all the wonderful things you can do with it. With the big movement of wasbi tape on anything and everything craft, it looks as if big brother masking tape is taking things to a whole new level, yah!  We are in awe Koji, bravo.

Enjoy more on this project over at My Modern Met!  Follow him on Twitter @iyamadesign.


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This installation at the Museum of Arts and Design for Otherworldly, created by Gregory Euclide is a painted large traditional landscape that flows onto the floor toward a fifth-floor window overlooking Central Park. The work consists of several dioramas that are built from materials that were collected on walks as well as several paper casts from boulders in Central Park.

1)Acrylic, Acrylic Caulk,Cast Paper from Central Park Boulders, Eurocast, Fern, Foam, Goldenrod, Hosta, Lawn Fertilizer, Moss, Paper, Pencil, PETG, Sedum, Sponge, Wood. Size is 7.5’ x 14’ x 5’.

2) Water Falling from the Canvas into the gallery wall and floor space

3)  Evaporation detail

4) View from afar

5) Each of the cut plastic bottles exist as a microcosm within the the piece

6) Depiction of the work in progress in...

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Quell 2011: Pigeon feathers, mixed media and antique cabinet 865 x 5470 x 1560 cm.

Lure 2011: Crow feathers, mixed media and antique cabinet 460 x 550 x 1720 mm.

Evacuate 2010: Site-specific installation. Mixed media with feathers (Mallard, goose, peacock, pheasant, teal, woodcock, woodpigeon, quail, grouse, French partridge, turkey and chicken) 400 x 350 x 120 cm (approximately).

Kate MccGwire’s Evacuate [also] plays with the historicism of the mansion - this time focusing on...

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