this side up.


Well that is a dose of some great color and what better way to brighten up your home for the summer or just for a little makeover in that room that needs a little extra love.  We love Shae’s home accessory line and can’t wait to see what else she is planning to launch in her new line.  Stop by her store and see her beautiful modern line of home accessories and also see her full line on her website.  Follow her on Facebook & Twitter to see what she has up her sleeve next!

Thanks Shae for sharing with us what Skoope Home is all about!


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Thanks so much to Adrienne from Arcane Arts for hanging out with us on this sunny (hopefully it's sunny where you are) Friday afternoon. If you didn't get your fill here, you can always visit her store, say hi to her on Twitter and Facebook, or leave a comment here.

Till next Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Do you like camping like I like camping? Sounds like a super good idea until day 2 and you back kills from sleeping bent over a rock all night, and you look like you've been on a 3 day bender, because every sound in the night had you thinking that this was the end! It's one of those things that always sounds good in theory, and then I realize why mankind has, through many years of arduous research, managed to figure out how to build houses......and beds.........and toilets! You know, it's the little things.

Super amazing Danish designer By Nord has solved the above issue for me! Co-founder and designer Hanne Berzant seamlessly blends nature and the pillowy softness of your bed. Check out these awesome spreads for the avid nature/nice warm bed lover.


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