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Vito Selma is a devotee of wood from the Philippines, carving geometric, minimalist and undulating forms from what he refers to as his boyhood friend. He approaches his craft through art, seeking to display wood for what it is. The results are fresh and engaging and being only in his mid twenties he’s already much admired – Kish for example where his pieces are available in the Philippines speak of his recent developments and think this is just the start. We do too, as long as this furniture maker, photographer, interior designer, cook and eternal...

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Yum yum and yum...  Wood, glass and clay, oh my!  Pia Wüstenberg is the master mind behind these beauties and we love them. 


(via: Jaime at Design Milk)



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Wood, Moss and Metal Necklace


Wood and Rabbit Fur Ring


Natural Wood Planter Necklace


Natural Wood and Moss Necklace



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We're on Cloud Nine for Cloud and Lolly.  This sister duo creates beautifully handcrafted accessories.  I mean really, how cute are the wooden deer and key?







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In our everlasting search for cool design, we are constantly amazed at how our search, more often that not, brings us back to our home town of Vancouver. Not to toot our own horns here, but this city really seems to be coming into it's own lately when it comes to art + design + DIY culture. 

Our latest search brought us to this masterpiece. A black walnut keyboard tray designed to hold all your wireless Apple accessories. Completely sustainable, these trays are made from North American harvested hardwoods, water-based glue and a food safe oil to bring out the shine!

Check out more at Combine Collective. And needless to say, if you guys ever wanted to join our creative community, you would be more than welcome!

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Evolution Laser Works brings a cheeky 'tude to your countertop with their line of clever laser-printed cutting boards and call-the-vatican worthy novelty toast.   No seriously.   They really make novelty toast.  I mean, it's art.   On toast.   How awesome is that?  Kind of totally awesome.  

Like the Yes We Can Have Obama toast (pictured above), or this commemorative limited edition Michael Jackson toast:

And say goodbye to boring old...

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I don't know how this collaboration from {Australian illustrators} Jo Pole and Erin Smith (collectively known as Treehouse Studio) came to be, and I'm not sure if they're meant to ride on, or be hung as a triptych (because wouldn't that be beautifully badass) but I know that I come back to the image I have saved of it pretty much on the daily.  So often in fact, that I was finally driven to look for more information on it's creators, Pole and Smith, and was thrilled to find what wonderful work the duo does in their respective solo careers.

Jo Pole (who is rather progressive with her choice of canvas, to beguiling effect):


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