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Spanish designer Mazimo Riera is an artist that has been practicing his craft for over thirty years in the mediums of painting, photography, poetry and sculpture. The Animal Chair Collection includes a range of species, from sea life to reptiles and even two of the big five. You can find these sleek furniture and sexy pieces mimicking a toad, whale, octopus, walrus, rhino, elephant and a beetle. Created by a CNC (computer numerical control) machine with the assistance of JH May, a high-tach manufacturing company in England. The 3D sketches are interpreted and reproduced then the image is cut to a precise replica of the original design from compressed foam blocks, then assembled, glued, sanded and painted by hand. We are huge fans, I mean who wouldn't want the...

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Vito Selma is a devotee of wood from the Philippines, carving geometric, minimalist and undulating forms from what he refers to as his boyhood friend. He approaches his craft through art, seeking to display wood for what it is. The results are fresh and engaging and being only in his mid twenties he’s already much admired – Kish for example where his pieces are available in the Philippines speak of his recent developments and think this is just the start. We do too, as long as this furniture maker, photographer, interior designer, cook and eternal...

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I love when two materials come together and compliment each other, one natural and one man made to create something as stunning as the Bloom Collection. MTH Woodworks is created by the design duo Michael Thomas Host and Tanja Hinder who are based in Vancouver, BC.

The Bloom Collection is constructed a with mix of salvaged Western natural red cedar wood...

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German Design Studio Besau Marguerre (Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau) have continued experimenting with the possibilities of fiberglass to create limed editions of the 'Nido' Stool. The raw material, soaked with dyed polyester resin, is wrapped around a pre-constructed stool form, resulting in a structure which is light but extremely durable. Due to the components, the end...

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You're all creative people! If you're like me you have a lot of art projects, found objects, or half finished ideas lying around the house. Here's your chance to trade in all that stuff for some unreal furniture from Blu Dot

The modern furniture designer is looking for talents, devices, oddities, deeds, taxidermy, collections, crafts and whatnot in exchange for pretty much anything from their line with their online swap meet!

Below are some of the excepted swaps:

And this dude will even absolve all...

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