this side up.


Wow, Roshaan you are one talented lady, thanks so much for sharing so much about yourself, your process and inspiration.

Each of these pieces are beautifully designed and hand crafted with a classic mix of old and new, and we totally adore every piece in her store.  This would be a perfect gift for Father's Day coming up soon, don't you think? 

Make sure to check out Roshaan's book Simply Wood by publisher Fox Chapel Publishing.  You can also find more about Mokajade Designs on the site and the blog is updated with works in progress, it's really...

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I bet my kid would be learning the alphabet way faster if she had this fucking gorgeous beyond stab-me-in-me-eye gorgeous set of drawers in her nursery.   I mean holy crap how stunning is this thing?!

Made from solid oak, and handcarved to mimc the look of old-school printing blocks, this set of 26 drawers (which stands about waist high) is a killer way to teach your kid the alphabet and organization all in one fell beautiful wood-grain swoop.

Then again, it's so freaking beautiful who's to stop the kidless among us from using it as a conversation piece, or quirky addition to our own big-kid decor?   


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