this side up.


We thought you might need a little Saturday morning inspiration to kick off the weekend!  Thanks to Paulzii for posting these words of wisdom.  And thanks Kimberly Knoll for sharing this!

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Twenty Seven Names is a New Zealand label founded by Designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart. Both designers use art as their start point, the rest just flows.


For their Winter collection they designed a lookbook using the images above where they managed to marry fashion and art. I think these pictures could be great inspiration for all of you indie designers! Who says that similar patterns on clothing and walls can't cohabit in the...

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Dear Vince Contarino: I seriously can't describe the tingling sensation I am experiencing right now while looking at your beautiful paintings.  The colors, the shapes - so good it burns! It's like rubbing an artful version of tiger balm all over my eyes. 


Cargoh peeps - I think you should seriously consider getting one of Vince's creations for your home (mind you, I don't know the prices so don't blame me for any broken dreams.) I think if I could afford them, I'd hang them on my wall - giving...

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If you are at home right now with no weekend plans - this is for you.

If you are not at home right now and have tons of weekend plans - this is for you.


Visual artists MRRK and Ine van den Elsen have created this eye-banging video filled with color. They used a few petri dishes (like the ones in high school chemistry class!) water and some sort of oily ink - the results: a freaking trip into cracked-up space!


I must say, the music is freaking intense at times and makes me feel like I'm at some teenage euro-rave party - but it's compensated by the ubertastic colorful show.


I think some screenshots from this video would totally suit an awesome organic t-shirt...

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