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"One for you, One for me" Giveaway

In-Betweener Season: the awkward time between Winter and Spring or Summer and Fall where you don't quite know what to wear. You end up putting on multiple layers, carrying around an umbrella in your bag, as well as rainboots in the car.. and.. you don't quite know if it will be too warm for the awesome knit cowl/scarf you got at Christmas. Thus, the "inbetweener cowl". Its unofficially official. Comes in four colors frost, seafoam, grey fog and slate and two styles. Straight-up or Twisted. Both infinity cowls but 'twisted' has a twist in it. All made from a super-light warm wool that drapes beautifully over or under your coat.

To launch this unofficial official cowl, Make More Happy is giving away two of these...

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We think you are more than qualified to answer that question Beatriz!  Your attention to detail is amazing and it shows in very aspect of your design.  From thought to finished product, you nail it everytime!  Visit Lucky 14 Handmade's Blog and Cargoh store to see her latest creations.  You can also follow her on Faceback and Twitter and everyone's favorite, Pinterest!  Thanks Beatriz we love what you do!

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Please keep up with me on Facebook and Twitter for news, events and new designs! I look forward to helping you stay warm this season, and for many seasons to come.



Sailors! If you want to get ready for this fall season go grab yourself a few goodies from Pip. Stay warm and look uber smashing, pumpkin!

And because we know Pip left you wanting more, here, go check out her Cargoh store and her awesome website, and get cozy!

Thanks Pip!


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