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Jan 22

creative salon with raincoast cottage

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Makers Gotta Meet! 

We couldn't agree more and are thrilled to hear about a new venture that Sandra from Raincoast Cottage is starting.  As 2013 reared its head, Sandra made her manifesto for the year and it's something we can all enjoy and learn from.  


Here's the basics:

- we all need to create

- we are best inspired by many different art forms

- we need community

- people need to experience the arts together


(*read the full manifesto HERE)


An idea that she has had for quite some time has finally blossomed, and we're delighted to present to you her newest series called Creative Salon! Taking her idea off road, offline and into the real world, Creative Salon allows you to experience small creative gatherings in a social and informative setting. Things you could expect might be an evening of magic, lectures, performances, dance, all paired with cool artists and interesting people right here in your favourite city, Vancouver.  

Her first ever Creative Salon is themed "Can You See What I See," and will take place February 7th, 2013 in a secret location that we will share with you soon! There will be food, drink, swag and an inspiring evening all for just $30 a ticket. What a deal!

There are limited spaces available so make sure to SIGN UP before they sell out!  This is only the beginning of the Creative Salon series, so if you can't make this one, keep your ear to the ground for the next one.


Also check out Sandra's other new series called - "Offroad Blogging".  Her first interview is with one or our favourite ladies Danielle Krysa, the Jealous Curator which is all about her events called GIRLCRUSH

If you are headed to Alt Summit, (it starts tomorrow, can you believe it) make sure to tweet Sandra @sandra212 so you can meet up and say hi.  She will be hosting a roundtable with Jen Cooper of Classic Play on Friday morning called "Making Better Makers - Finetuning Your Creative Process for Success," she'd love to meet you! 

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