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Get your holiday gift shopping done in one place with hand-made crafts, apparel, jewellery & accessories. Check out the fine art display and sale by local artists. There will be tasty treats too!

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herrarium topographic fine art - alcampo by stefanie herr 

grassy patch (2012) · 18 x 25 x 4.5 cm


green valley · 23.5 x 16.5 x 4.5 cm

stampede vista · 20 x 26 x 4.5 cm

eagle nest (2012) · 17.5 x 25 x 4.5 cm

cebolla wilderness (2012) · 13 x 22 x 4.5 cm

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I discovered the artwork of Johan Thornqvist last week and fell in love with how he creates amazing little worlds and characters with a simple iphone photo of exterior or interior landscapes.  The photograph really comes to life when his illustrations hit the page.  You can check out more of his work on his website and can purchase prints from him, also check him out on Pinterest to see more of his great creations. 

Also take a look at the process that he uses in photoshop to create the multiple layers that goes into his work!



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As the digital world takes over, more and more options are becoming available to artists and designers through technology to take their ideas and transform them onto multiple surfaces.  Today we introduce the lovely and fashionable designs from Gina Michele. You can see she has taken all those majestic images you love lurking around Pinterest, and has turned them into a wearable art form, pretty darn smart right!  We are totally digging the shops new designs!

1) "Oil Spill” Digital printed silk with image of an oil spill, from Italy
2) "Tahitian Sun” Digital printed rayon/spandex
3) "...

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Nicole Balch is the founder of Making it Lovely, a design blog about living a stylish life and transforming the so-so. The site was named one of the 50 World’s Best Design Blogs by the London Times Online, and Nicole’s work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune Magazine, Time Out Chicago, Better Homes & Gardens, Everyday with Rachael Ray, , and other publications.

Nicole lives in Chicago with her husband and two young children, and she also writes for Babble, My Colortopia, and Better Homes and Gardens. She has a thing for stripes, crazy floral patterns, and the color pink.


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Today we have a special treat for you all.  Meet Terry Irwin of Picturemaker and mastermind behind these cute and quirky illustrations.  We are huge fans of Terry’s work and know you will be to! Check out more of his work awesome work on his site and his Cargoh store. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @ti_picturemaker and Facebook to see what he’s working on next! 

(photo credit: Mandy Glinsbockel)

Happy Friday, hope...

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I love when two materials come together and compliment each other, one natural and one man made to create something as stunning as the Bloom Collection. MTH Woodworks is created by the design duo Michael Thomas Host and Tanja Hinder who are based in Vancouver, BC.

The Bloom Collection is constructed a with mix of salvaged Western natural red cedar wood...

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Well that is a dose of some great color and what better way to brighten up your home for the summer or just for a little makeover in that room that needs a little extra love.  We love Shae’s home accessory line and can’t wait to see what else she is planning to launch in her new line.  Stop by her store and see her beautiful modern line of home accessories and also see her full line on her website.  Follow her on Facebook & Twitter to see what she has up her sleeve next!

Thanks Shae for sharing with us what Skoope Home is all about!


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Emily is a Portland girl who loves design, lots of coffee, riding her bike and laughing—not necessarily in that order. She’s a social media consultant with an interior design background and stays connected to the creative world through her blog Emily is always searching for new designers and artists who have fun and take risks with their creations hence her tagline "Shake it".

Thanks Emily for your lovely collection “Bright Summer Smile”!  We are smiling, are you?  The girl that "shakes it” sure knows how to put together some summertime...

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