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Holy freaking George I love everything about this Inflatable Fashion. I love it's design+function. I love it's cheeky name. I love the face that designer Dana Ramler is a sailing (sailing? yachting? boating? call it what you will, she loves it) enthusiast who's putting the [fa]shion back in Oshion. (Okay, that was a horrible pun, but you see what I was going for there, right? Fashion? Oshion? Ocean? I know, I's a stretch, but I needed something clever-ish to match the cleverness of these well disguised personal flotation devices...) That's right. The bandeau belt is a personal flotation device for the fashion forward yacht-loving woman - perfect for those who want to look fierce at sea without actually having to walk on the wild side. Check out her inflatable fashion, and other functional (oh! she puts the fun in functional!) designs at

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Zippan Designs founder Danielle Zippan hand saws each stunning piece from sterling silver. Danielle has been creating these striking nature-inspired pieces under her family name for nearly a decade, and what begins as a sketch ends in the intricately crafted silver pieces you'll find on her site While you're poking around, be sure to check out her rings - I'd have one for every finger, but there are currently only nine [freaking amazing] styles in rotation, so I guess I'll have to settle for one of my thumbs not looking as fabulous as the rest of my digits.

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Québécois fashion duo Annie and Amelie of Annie 50 have created a line of 1950's inspired decidedly femme fatale line that brings out the saucy rockabilly in all of us. Annie's designs (complimented by Amelie's marketing prowess) will make you want to escape someone exotic, probably by train, and do something daring (although if you're the kind of gal who likes to get all dolled up to go to the super market, you'd look fabulous doing that, too.) Their Winter collection feels straight out of the pages of a noir novella, while their summer collection might have been spotted chasing Patrick Swayze around the pool at Kellerman's Mountain Resort. And their catalogue, shot by Shannon Hansen ( is a work of art all by itself. Get lost in the world of Annie 50:

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Spring has officially sprung, but winterphiles can hold tight to an indelible piece from the season thanks to mixed media artist Nadine Stefan. Nadine's "In Captivity" series is seriously blowing our minds. (You're going to need to go check out her work in detail on her site, because it was impossible to find just one image to do her justice.) She takes art imitating life to a new level, where (seemingly live) flora and fauna become the art, nature in suspended animation in the corner of your living room (or great hall, or office space...where ever you put one of her pieces, it's going to be a show stopper.)

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It's a NYC invasion of all the old school 8-bit creatures. Shot on location in New York city, this is absolutely incredible. By combining real world locations and a massive talent in the digital world, Patrick makes us believe that Frogger, PacMan, Tetris and their friends are all coming to kick our asses. Watch it again and again....I promise, you will see new things everytime!!

Elevator pitch: It's like Up meets old school Godzilla. A whole bunch of awesome smashed into one 3 minute film.

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